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Hey there, 

I'm Amanda

I help moms be 100% Mom + 100% CEO, but not both at the same time! 


Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels in business and never gaining traction?

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Building a business as a mom looks a little different.

> We're a chauffeur  

A laundry lady

A housekeeper

And wrestling referee

You may have heard that you can't have a successful business AND be a good mom. 


I help moms build and scale profitable businesses + balance time with their families...


When I first started my business, I was overwhelmed. I was doing all the things I thought I SHOULD, but I wasn't gaining traction.

I was worried about what others thought and had zero belief in myself. I was stuck. 

Then after several years of painfully slow progress I hired a coach and things changed.

I realized building a business didn't have to be hard and that my goals CAN be accomplished with kids in tow. And I could do it all without the hustle and staying up all night.

It's about creating a simple plan and knowing exactly how to spend the time you have doing the RIGHT things. 

I'm here to show you how to fit your business into your life and not your life into your business.

I teach you how to stop spinning your wheels and create a simple strategy allows you to build a successful business in the time you have while making the money you dream of. 

I help you gain clarity in your business so you finally hit your goals.


What you get with Amanda

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A coach with experience

Amanda was a 19 year old teen pregnancy statistic who decided she was no longer going to allow her circumstances to hold her back.

She has years of experience building + running a business, and mentoring women on mindset, business strategy, and marketing. 

She's zero fluff + to the point. If you want a coach who understands what you're going through, welcome!  

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Tough Love Mindset

Business and mindset go hand in hand. 

If you're struggling with believing in yourself, finding the time to get everything done, and feel unclear on what to do next in your business- mindset is your answer! 

Working through the thoughts holding you back while having accountability and support along the way will help you get unstuck and know exactly what you need to do next.

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A Personal Strategy

To grow a successful business, you need a strategy in place that is simple + fits YOUR life.

But strategy isn't everything. You have to have your mind in the right place which is why we incorporate your mindset into our strategy so you can hit those goals every single time.

It's time to stop spinning your wheels and wasting precious time. Let's create a strategy that fits YOUR life with a mindset that backs it up.

A good word from clients...

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Nikki N.

I have been working with Amanda since November, and let me just say that I started seeing results immediately!

I knew what I wanted and knew who I wanted to work with in my business, but I had no direction or idea of how to get there.

Amanda has helped me break things into bite size pieces, helped me stay on task (ADHD over here) and helped me rephrase my future from "this is hard" to "this is possible."

In the first 2 months of working with her, I made more money than I had made in the previous 10 months. I was ecstatic!

She's now helping me be more confident and let go of the imposter syndrome as I develop and release my signature program.

I'm excited to see my future and I owe a big chunk of that to her. When in doubt, hire a coach! And I'd highly recommend Amanda Clark! 



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Alex E.

I thought self help and business and personal coaching was snake oil. Amanda totally changed my mind about that.

I was convinced it was a way to make some money and maybe motivate people in the process.

Amanda gave no-bullshit, practical advice on how to start providing support and value to my prospective clients immediately.

She motivated me to get over myself and my limiting fears so that I could focus on what I wanted to do in the first place: help others.

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Kelly M.

Amanda was able to take a few minutes of conversation and questions and instantly create solutions for me to try. She was non-judgmental and passionate about easing my stressors and creating efficiency in my business and life. I am so grateful that I was able to meet with her and make some creative, productive changes that I know will help me pivot

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Are you ready for some actionable steps you can take TODAY to make growing your business with kids in tow a lot simpler?

(Or maybe you just wanna read a book in peace?!)
Regardless of your motives, I'm here to help you with some tips and tricks to accomplish tasks with littles at home.
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