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Overwhelmed trying to figure out how to create that life you love with kids in tow?

When I had my first baby, I thought I had to put me on hold and take care of everyone else. 

I was trying to do all the things I thought I SHOULD, but it didn't feel right. I was just going through the motions and it didn't feel quite right.

I had always dreamed of having my own business and living a big life, but didn't know where to start.

I was worried about what others thought + fear of sacrificing motherhood, and had zero belief that life could be better. I was stuck playing victim to my circumstances. 

Then after several years of painfully slow progress I hired a coach and things changed.

I realized that once I began working on myself, so many doors opened. 

I also learned that building a business didn't have to be hard and that my goals CAN be accomplished with kids in tow. And I could do it all without the hustle and staying up all night.

I want this for you too.

I never dreamed I could build a successful business with kids in tow.

Building a business as a mom looks a little different.

> We're a chauffeur  

> A laundry lady

> A housekeeper

> And wrestling referee

You may have heard that you can't have a successful business AND be a good mom. 


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I specialize in mindset, strategy, and helping you heal so that you stop holding yourself back. 


I teach high-achieving mamas how to drop the fear of judgment, guilt, and stop holding yourself back from creating the life you desire.

This means creating a life you love with kids in tow, having more confidence, and spending your time intentionally so that you don't have to sacrifice your dreams OR motherhood.


And I can help you too.

I'm a mama building a business with a smoothie in my hand. I started as the girl with a camera in her hand that turned her life around to create a dream business. With my hubs by my side, I have grown from a successful photographer and now I get to help other high-achieving mamas create lives they love with kids in tow. 

I am on a mission to empower women to build their lives in a way that FEELS GOOD so they can empower themselves, drop the guilt, and live their best life.

Maybe it's time to pick up that pen and rewrite your own life.

Just a few things I specialize in:

Dropping mom-guilt, releasing fear of judgment, people-pleasing, holding space for your kids, goals, changing habits, relationships, and living your life intentionally. 

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So how can I help?

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Braving the Mountain is all about building a life you love with kids in tow. We talk all things mindset, motherhood, and how to shift your mind so that you can create a life YOU choose to live without sacrificing motherhood OR your dream.

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Are you ready for some actionable steps you can take TODAY to add more ease and flow into your life? 

In this guide, I help you create systems in your life and business that make things feel lighter and simpler so you can enjoy your time as a fam even more. 

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