It's time to leave the hot mess mom vibe behind.

Perhaps society has led you to believe that mom life is chaotic + completely overwhelming, but you know it doesn't?

I see you.

You've drawn that line in the sand and you know you are meant for so much more. 

But then what? 

You haven't gone backwards, but you haven't gone forward.

You make the goal to do something different, but then you find yourself depending on willpower alone and we know what that's like as a mom. 

You find yourself running on fumes and still thinking 'somethings gotta give.' 

Mama, I've got you. Pause for a minute and take a breath because you have found the answer to the problem you are facing.




Imagine a life that FEELS good and you show up as your most empowered self each day.


Rhythms + breathwork have been those missing pieces and here's why.. 

No one gave us any rhythms to drop into our days when we became moms. 

We saw the things society and our own experiences portrayed as normal... 

The hot mess, chaos, and putting ourselves on the back burner so we hopped right into believing it was normal to feel that way. 

And then one day we realize we've lost ourselves between the piles of laundry, kids' activities, and making sure everything else is running smoothly. 

We realize we are living a life we don't love and deep down we know we are meant for so much more. 

Introducing Mom Life Mastery.

The program with the breathwork and rhythms you need to shift into the most empowered version of you.

This program will help you... 

  • Implement a breathwork rhythm into your day so that you can find YOU again.
  • Stop 'shoulding' all over yourself so that you live life YOUR way while dropping the fear of judgment and people-pleasing.
  • Set boundaries with your partner and kids so that you work as a team instead of you doing it all. 
  • Drop the mom-guilt and make yourself a priority so that you show up as your best self.
  • Figure out what you desire in your life so that you can create it.
  • Create life-giving rhythms so that your home is easily maintained and you can spend more time with your priorities.
  • Use breathwork as a tool to regulate your nervous system so that you expand your capacity to handle your kids' BIG emotions + anything else life throws your way.

Here's the truth

motherhood doesn't have to be a struggle.

You don't have to put yourself or your dreams up on a shelf simply because you have kids.

YOU get to decide how it all looks and feels. And the greatest part is, you get to be the example for your kids that they CAN have it all. 

It's about learning how to make yourself a priority, show up in the way you desire, and make small changes in your day-to-day life that will help you get there.

Mom Life Mastery turns you into the mom you've always wanted to be.

"Once, I decided that I deserve more— more joy, more self confidence, more goals, more time w/ my kids, more space for my own dreams, more quality moments with my husband, more income, more calm: I never looked back. However, I also needed help moving forward. What the heck was even my first step? I was lost!

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for Amanda’s guidance & the course she has  provided for mamas like me. It’s as if she already knows you personally, which she almost does because she WAS you. She has been there, shared all the feels, and made the hard choice of braving the mountain without knowing climb her way up toward a better life— and beyond pushing her way into her best life."


Mom Life Mastery 

The program that takes you out of overwhelm and into becoming your most empowered self.

This program will...

Teach you how to step back in the driver seat of your life, simplify everything, and create a life you love through rhythms and breathwork.

Give you all of the tools + mindset shifts needed so you get out of "hot mess" mom status and back in control. 

Give you guided breathwork to regulate your nervous system so that you show up as your best self each day in all areas of life.

Give you exclusive, life-giving rhythms and structure to transform your day to day experience.

What you get...


Rhythms and Breathwork

I will teach you how to put life-giving rhythms into your days so that change feels simple. 

I will also walk you through breathwork that helps you discover what you desire most and shift the energy within you so that you know deep down you can create it.

Exclusive Community

A community of amazing women on the same journey as you. 

One key to creating the results you want is by surrounding yourself with others who are choosing to create a life they love as well so that when things feel hard, you keep going.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You have lifetime access to all of the modules so that you can watch at your own pace + revisit when things pop up. 

There will be weekly group- coaching calls for 12 weeks so that you can ask questions + get hot seat coaching. You will also have lifetime access to the replays. 

Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to lighten the load of motherhood

Module 1

Build a Badass Foundation

Decide why you want a change and get your intentions + priorities in order!

I'm here to help you put a plan in place to make it all happen before you dive in. This allows you to see that it's possible no matter your circumstances.

  • Decide your why
  • Set your priorities.
  • Create a plan to make your success inevitable!
Module 2

Reframe limiting beliefs

Maybe you've been working on reframing your limiting beliefs and doing all the affirmations, but aren't getting anywhere with it.

It's because there's no rhythm in place to help you create the consistency it takes to make that true lasting change.

In order to begin changing your life, you have to know where you're starting from and then we build from there. 

You will be diving deep into the rhythm of the four R's so that you can finally create the lasting change you desire.

Module 3

Action time + time ownership

Once you gain awareness as to where you are, accept it, then it's time to take action to make the shifts you desire.

This is where you step into your most empowered self by putting life-giving rhythms in place.

  • Empowering daily rhythms so that life is easily maintained.
  • Learn how to run your house as a team and not all by yourself.
  • Learn how to efficiently complete  errands so that you get more time for the things YOU love.
Module 4

Validate yourself + set boundaries

Your wants and needs are valid and YOU get to decide what you desire in your life.

I teach you how to figure out what YOU truly want without basing your decisions on other's opinions so that you can show up as the version of you that you choose to be.

It is time to stop 'shoulding' all over yourself.

In this module you'll learn...

  • Why we need boundaries + why it's hard to set them.
  • How to set life-giving boundaries  + drop the guilt.
  • How to say yes to things you're excited about and no to the things that don't light you up.
Module 5

Bonus on communicating with your partner

I've learned a lot in 16 years of marriage + there's one thing I see come up a lot with my clients.... not knowing what they need or how to ask their partner for the help. 

  • Learn to better understand your partner
  • Learn where YOU are right now and what your needs + desires are in the relationship.
  • How to protect your energy when your partner isn't fully on board.

How does this sound?

Finding yourself again and creating a life you truly love?

  • Shift into feeling empowered and let go of overwhelm + that hot mess mom vibe that isn't serving you.
  • Become a mom with the capacity to hold your kids BIG emotions without feeling triggered.
  • Feeling more fulfilled in life because you prioritize yourself.
  • Having life-giving rhythms in place so that  you spend time doing things you love more often than not.
  • Building a better relationship with yourself, your kids, and your partner. 
  • No longer feeling guilt or shame when you choose to take care of you. 
  • Being an example for your kids so that they grow up knowing they can live a life they truly love with kids in tow.
Ready to create a life you're obsessed with? Choose your plan mama and let's begin:

Pay in Full


  • Full access to all course material
  • Fresh, new perspective on life + how to make it better
  • Rhythms to simplify and stay on top of life
  • Breathwork so that you gain sense of who YOU are
  • Knowledge on how to set healthy boundaries with everything in your life. 
  • Bonus group breathwork call!

3 payments of


  • Full access to all course material
  • Fresh, new perspective on life + how to make it better
  • Rhythms to simplify and stay on top of life
  • Breathwork so that you gain sense of who YOU are
  • Knowledge on how to set healthy boundaries with everything in your life
  • More white space in your day so that you have time for you.

Plus a bonus for you

Simplify your time, simplify life.

A mini course designed to help you take back control of your days so that you have more time for the things you love... and to change your life with Mom Life Mastery! 


Meet your new life-building bestie

Hi, I'm Amanda

When I became a mom at 19 it was a struggle. I thought I thought I had to put my dream life... and me up on a shelf + take care of everyone else.

I put myself last in every situation and I was unhappy. I yelled a LOT more than I care to admit, and reacted to every situation that came up with a bad attitude.

Maybe this sounds a little like you? 

I knew deep down this wasn't me. I was always the fun girl- the girl who dreamed of living a big life, having an amazing relationship with my kids, and knowing what I wanted + how to get it.

But at the time, it felt like none of these things existed and I knew something had to change. 

So little by little I learned... and things got SO much better. 

Now I have rhythms in my life + a breathwork practice that supports me, I am now an example to my kids that true change can happen no matter where you start.

All it takes is deciding that there's more for you than where you're at because you are not your circumstances.

Family is my top priority.


Life has been rough for me since childhood and those hard lessons taught me exactly what I wanted out of MY life. 

The relationships + experiences I wanted with not only my kids, but my hubs as well. 

My ultimate dream biz is one that supports the lifestyle we choose. It is centered around spending time together + freedom and flexibility to be where I need to be at the drop of a hat without worry.

This is possible for you too.

Your path to your goal

1. Join Mom Life Mastery

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details.

2. Dive in and take action

Dive into the content and take action. Can’t start right away? It's okay, you have lifetime access to the course + coaching call replays.

3. Reach your goal

Finally create a life that FEELS amazing! Get out of overwhelm, stop just surviving, and step into your most empowered self.


This is for you if:

  •  You're done feeling overwhelmed in your life and ready to empower yourself instead

  •  You desire more for you and your kids because you've lost touch with YOU

  •   You desire to embody the woman you know you are deep down inside now.

  •  You know that you need some boundaries, but have no clue where to start 

  •  You desire to find yourself outside of being a wife and mom.

This is not for you if:

  • You enjoy complaining about life and don't want to make a change. 
  • You aren't willing to open your mind to trying new things.
  • You don't feel like you need to make a change because life is already amazing. 

Are you ready to create a life that feels good + become your most empowered self?



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