It's time to build a dream business that fits into YOUR life.

My coaching program is all about fitting your business into your life and not your life into your business. 

I'm here to work alongside you as your business BFF and help you see that you can be an amazing mom + have a wildly successful business. You don't have to sacrifice one or the other.

When you are done working with me, I want you to feel like you are living a life that YOU want to live and not doing things because you think you should. 

It's time to stop people-pleasing, create simple systems and strategies that give you time back, and reclaim your power. 

Your soul will come alive as you stop holding yourself back out of fear of judgment from others while enjoying more time with your family.


Sound like you?

Let me guess, you are feeling overwhelmed + dying to get out of this cycle.

I remember when I bought into the belief that I couldn't be a mom AND chase my dream... 

✓ I thought I had to put myself on the back burner and take care of everyone else.

✓ I was overwhelmed with life and motherhood + bought into thinking it was supposed to be a struggle.

✓ I was struggling through my days and wanted a fresh start... a reset of sorts because I'd lost touch with who I was and what I wanted

✓ Life felt so heavy and all I wanted was to feel peace, calm, and in control instead of feeling tossed around by the things that came my way.

✓ I had a dream on my heart, but zero clue how to start and lacked the confidence to even try.

✓ I was letting my limiting beliefs, doubt, and fears stand in my path. 


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What if you could...

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Create systems in your life and business so that it feels lighter and easily maintainable with minimal effort.

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Stop worrying about what others thought + live life YOUR way without the guilt + people-pleasing.

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Be in control of your thoughts so that you can create confidence in yourself in life and business.

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Have someone by your side every step of the way to guide you, bounce ideas off of + hold you accountable

When I began working on myself, I never dreamed I could be the mom I wanted to be and run a successful business...

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When I first started down my personal development journey, I never believed it could lead to where I am now. All I knew at that time was that I wanted to be a better mom + make money so I could create a life I love with kids in tow.

I didn’t want my kids to grow up thinking they had to be a victim to their circumstance. I wanted them to see that they can dream big and work hard to make it all happen no matter where they’re at.

It wasn’t all sunshine and skittles. There was lots of struggle, chaos, and sacrificing motherhood along the way. Until I decided that I was done sacrificing motherhood.

I went all in on learning the skills and gaining the tools needed to simplify not only my business, but my life so that I could do both well.

I learned how to release my fear of judgment from others, mom-guilt, and ended the people-pleasing tendencies by putting life-giving boundaries in place to make it all happen. 

I learned what I wanted + how to get it and how to communicate better with my partner so that he could support me along the way. 

Now that I know living a life I'm obsessed with is possible, I want that for you too. 

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Nikki N.

I knew what I wanted and knew who I wanted to work with in my business, but I had no direction or idea of how to get there.

Amanda has helped me break things into bite size pieces, helped me stay on task (ADHD over here) and helped me rephrase my future from "this is hard" to "this is possible."

In the first 2 months of working with her, I made more money than I had made in the previous 10 months. I was ecstatic!

She's now helping me be more confident and let go of the imposter syndrome as I develop and release my signature program.

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Mom Biz Mastery Group & 1:1 Coaching

My coaching programs are designed for high-achieving moms who are ready to dive deep, heal, and create a life you love with kids in tow. I teach women how to be 100% mom + 100% CEO without sacrificing your desires.

My coaching focuses on Mindset and strategy by waking up your soul and reclaiming your power. 


So whaddya get? (a few of my faves)

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Creating a life + business you love starts between the ears.

In Mom Biz Mastery we focus heavily on becoming aware of thoughts + limiting beliefs holding you back, fear of judgment, and doubt. 

We start leaning into building a relationship with you and reclaiming your power in your mind because when your internal environment is aligned, it begins to reflect in your external environment as well.

You are going to be amazed at how much can change mentally within a few short weeks. 

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Together we look at your life as it is now. Seeing a pattern yet? You can't change what you aren't aware of! 

We will look at your business and life. Decide what's working + what's not and create a new strategy that helps you create a life that FEELS good. 

Don't stress, I love to keep things simple! It's about creating simple strategies so that you know exactly what needs to be done each day to keep moving the needle forward to create a life you are COMPLETELY obsessed with with me guiding you every step of the way! 

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I'm all about having not only a great mindset + strategy, but you need the systems to put into place so that you get your life back. 

I help you create systems that allow your life + business to run smoothly with minimal effort on your part. 

This way you can enjoy more family time while the other stuff seems to take care of itself! Life + business shouldn't be overwhelming!

Basically I want you to create life-giving systems in your life and business so that you have the capacity to do more of what you love. 


Choose the program that feels right for you.


1:1 Coaching 

Mom Biz Mastery- Mindset Coaching

- Video modules with all the tools needed to grow your mindset, create a simple strategy for your life + biz, let go of mom-guilt and fear of judgment, and create a life you love living for YOU. 

- A workbook with each module to help you integrate what you are learning into your life. 

- Bonus lesson on how to figure out what you need + ask for help so that you have support within the home.

1:1 Strategy Sessions 

- Weekly 1:1 Zoom Strategy (12 total for the 3 month program)

- Life + business audit + set up systems, automations, and tools

- Personalized plan to help you heal and become the best version of you in a way that feels good + fits your life and personality. We will also find where patterns are currently playing out in your life and business keeping you stuck.

Daily Accountability

- you get me as your accountability buddy to help you reach your goals! You will have unlimited access to me on Voxer/email... I'm here with you every step of the way!

Optional Bonuses (cuz we all love em)

- Time-blocking tool kit with printable calendars and lessons for planning life + biz

- Partner communication lesson so that you can learn what you need and how to ask for support without the guilt.

- Access to any education that corresponds with your personalized plan. 

Group Coaching

Mom Biz Mastery- Mindset Coaching

- Video modules with all the tools needed to grow your mindset, create a simple strategy for your life + biz, let go of mom-guilt and fear of judgment, and create a life you love living for YOU. 

- Workbooks for each lesson to help you integrate what you're learning into your life + biz. 

- Bonus lesson on how to figure out what you need + ask for help so that you have support within the home. 

Group strategy sessions

- 6 weekly group coaching calls

- Tools: building a foundation in life and business, limiting beliefs, client management, target market, action plans, goal setting, etc... 

- Weekly Q&A to get individual support. 

Exclusive FB Group and Accountability 

- A FB group with like-minded women who support each other + cheer each other on

- Accountability group to help keep you on track to reach your goals

- Chat/ email access to Amanda 


- Time-blocking tool kit with printable organizers and calendars. 

One of the best things about group coaching is to learn from other's struggles as well. When you aren't in the hot seat, you are able to have a different perspective and internally reflect on where you may be holding yourself back.


1:1 COACHING | $1500
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Steph N.

“Once, I decided that I deserve more— more joy, more self confidence, more goals, more time w/ my kids, more space for my own dreams, more quality moments with my husband, more income, more calm: I never looked back.

However, I also needed help moving forward. What the heck was even my first step? I was lost!

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for Amanda’s guidance & the course she has  provided for mamas like me. It’s as if she already knows you personally, which she almost does because she WAS you.

She has been there, shared all the feels, and made the hard choice of braving the mountain without knowing climb her way up toward a better life— and beyond pushing her way into her best life."

Hey there,

I'm Amanda!

I'm a mama building a business with a smoothie in my hand. I started as the girl with a camera in her hand that turned her life around to create a dream business. With my hubs by my side, I have grown from a successful photographer and now I get to help other high-achieving mamas create lives they love with kids in tow. 

I am on a mission to empower women to build their lives in a way that FEELS GOOD so they can empower themselves, drop the guilt, and live their best life.

Just a few things I specialize in:

Dropping mom-guilt, regulating emotions, holding space for your kids, goals, changing habits, faith crisis, relationships, being 100% mom + 100% CEO, but not both at the same time! 

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Being a life coach is my true passion. I overdeliver on the value I bring to you because investing in yourself is life changing. 

Are you ready to become aware of where you are holding yourself back and gain new tools + skills so that you can create a life YOU love without fear of judgment? 

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