Simple tips to own your time for busy moms

 Whatever bucket of time you have to fill, you’re going to fill it.
When we feel like we have all the time in the world, we will take all the time in the world to do it! If we give ourselves a smaller window to complete it, and truly believe that window is your only shot -- you will get it done so much faster & be more efficient!
Summer break with kids at home full time is tough! Especially when you’re trying to balance a full-time mama AND a full-time employee at the same time!
During the summer, I picked the top things I needed to do. We all have the same 24 hours each day. What YOU do with those 24 hours, is most important.
First things first, WHAT things are important to you? WHY do you need to stay disciplined with your time? My biggest drive is to be done with work when my kids get home from school, so I can spend time outside, enjoying the outdoors, spend time with my kids, and enjoy it with full focus!
Decide your WHY! What is your biggest drive to get things done?
Set your priorities! When it comes to what tasks are most important, you will get the big things done! Set your calendar, plan accordingly, declutter your mind. Set your goals to yearly, quarterly, monthly… and you’ll be able to see those goals be broken down smaller and smaller, so you can get something GREAT done everyday!
Set a schedule! Commit to a schedule, with your to-do list in hand, knowing your why. Know what time you have and fill it efficiently.
Now that you have a schedule, STICK TO IT! Break it down and schedule out which priority will be worked on, when. Set yourself some boundaries as well! Are you going to interrupt your focus time, to spend responding to a text message that REALLY isn’t that important?
It takes about 45 minutes to really dive into and be focused on your task. If you’re constantly letting outside sources distract you, then you are getting further from your goal, and it is becoming a WASTE of your time!
When you’re done with your work time slot, whatever you’ve decided that to be, SHAKE IT OUT! Get up out of your chair, move your body, and come back to refocus. DO NOT GO DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE! Find what works for you, create your time slots, STICK to your schedule, and reward yourself with all the work you’ve accomplished!
 Set deadlines for yourself! What are your 3-5 tasks that MUST be done now? Fill it in on Monday mornings, and dedicate yourself to it! Decide how long it’s going to take to fill out that task, schedule it during your work hours, and add in a few smaller priority items to the rest of the week. You will always be getting SOMETHING done, and not overwhelming yourself by setting those boundaries!
Don’t let yourself be burnt out! Take the big task, schedule in the time you want to work on it, and don’t overwhelm yourself if it’s not necessary to be done today.
You’ve got this!

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