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I had an epiphany one day as I was trying to work with the kids running amuck. It suddenly hit me that I needed to plan my daily tasks a little differently.

There are some things I can do without the need of a lot of focus + there are things I need some quiet for.

I realized that I was constantly stressing over work because I was trying to use the time the kids were gone or in school to clean up the house and catch up on laundry and after talking to many moms lately, I'm realizing I wasn't alone. 

So I want you to think of your life right now. Have you been dying to read a book, learn a new skill, or start a side hustle, but haven't had the time. 

Look at your days and see how your time is actually being spent. Are you using nap time to pick up? Do some laundry? Wash the dishes from breakfast? And before you know it an hour goes by + the kids are waking up and you never got around to that thing you wanted to do? 

What if instead, you folded clothes while sitting on the floor with your playing kids, washed the dishes while they ran around, or chased them with the vacuum as they giggled? 

Not only will you wear them out a little faster, but now, you are all caught up so when nap time hits, you can pull out the book + sit in peace and read. Perhaps you can watch a section of a course you purchased and have been dying to start? 

Just think of the things that you can do while the kids are awake vs the things you can do while they are sleeping or gone to school and begin to block your kidless tasks into that time. 

You'll get it all done, giggle while you're at it, and no it won't be perfect, but I bet you'll hit the end of the day feeling more fulfilled in what you got done! 


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